When leading a project, it is needed to take the leadership and provide guidance to both internal team and stakeholders on project navigation. An essential aspect of managing a project is to develop positive relationships with its stakeholders.

When handling projects, there can be stakeholders who only share critical remarks or contribute negative comments when they give their opinions. There can be stakeholders who do not like to share necessary business requirements related information as well.

Due to difficult stakeholders, the project can suffer quality issues and release of the implemented project can get delayed. …

We live in a tropical country where cultivating plants is a main part of Agriculture. The quality and quantity of the harvest depend on many external constraints. By applying modern Information and Communication Technologies into Agriculture, an effective outcome can be expected in the cultivation.

Smart Farming is a managing concept of farming by using modern technology to increase the quality and quantity of agriculture products with the use of a limited number of human resources. This is a revolution in the agriculture industry as it helps to guide actions required to maintain an agricultural system effectively and efficiently.


The objective of this document is to outline the Internet of Things (IoT) in the modern world and how they affect human lives.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection and interaction in between physical devices in order to communicate among each other to exchange data, observe, review patterns and individual behaviours, analyse them and take necessary actions. IoT is based on connecting devices together such as mobile phones, vehicles, home appliances and other wearable embedded with sensors and activators, as well as through Internet so that these objects can exchange data with each other in a network.

In the…

Devindra Weerawardana

Senior IT Business Analyst

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